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Many of today’s business are being forced to work with limited internal resources, and tighter budgets than ever before. This makes choosing the right technology partner an essential component of any successful business strategy. Non-proprietary IT infrastructures can save costs for companies while improving accessibility — and when you choose the right partner to implement these systems, you can also increase quality and save time. At W3Global, we focus on assisting customers in implementing enterprise systems at a lower cost than standard industry platforms, while maintaining high reliability, availability and scalability.

Every organization that utilizes multiple back-end applications and systems has a need for data integration. Without it, companies can experience expensive inefficiencies, in terms of time, money, and compatibility with newer systems. We have proven our capability in delivering end-to-end solutions for B2B, EAI and BPM architectures that can enhance customer service, optimize and integrate the supply chain, reduce costs, and increase revenues and profits.

W3Global specializes in Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business-to-Business (B2B), Business Process Management (BPM), Business Intelligence (BI), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and SAS (Software as Service) technologies.

We provide unparalleled expertise in implementing applications such as webMethods, Tibco, Sterling Commerce / Gentran GIS, Oracle Fusion, IBM webSphere and SAP PI / NetWeaver and Hyperion product suites. For more information on our experience with these applications, browse each of our specialized services (below).

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Core Practices
  • Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture Consulting
  • Architecture Validation and Product Recommendations
  • EAI and Business-to Business and B2B Application Implementation
  • Business Process Management and Optimization
  • SOA Guidance and Implementation
  • Composite Application Development (CAF)
  • Clustering, Administration and Support
  • Business Continuity Management / Disaster Recovery (BCM/DR)
webMethods Practice
W3Global is your webMethods Navigator

We lead the way in webMethods implementation. View our case studies to read more about our experience in successful webMethods implementation for customers such as Genentech, Johnson and Johnson, Aflac, USDA, Quadrem, and more.

Today’s enterprise integration projects are increasingly becoming more complex. As more and more business takes place online, we are seeing increased demands for agile turn times and shorter delivery cycles. Our meticulous focus, nimble service and advanced understanding of webMethods technology implementation helps our customers meet rapid and changing business demands, while experiencing significant cost savings. W3Global’s extensive expertise in integration domains uniquely differentiates our company from others in the marketplace. Below is an overview of our webMethods services.

  • Requirements Analysis, Design and Architecture for Enterprise Integration, Business Process Management (BPM), Business Activity Monitoring BAM, and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Solutions
  • Development of B2B (Business-to-Business) Systems and Trading Partner Management using webMethods Trading Networks, EDI, and RossettaNet
  • Development of End-to-End Integration Solutions using webMethods Enterprise Service Bus (Integration Server, Broker, and Adapters)
  • Portal Web Development using webMethods CAF (Composite Application Framework) and MywebMethods Server
  • Business Process Management and Workflow Development using webMethods BPM (Design and Optimize)
  • Capacity Planning, Scalability and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Quality Assurance and Performance Testing
  • Implementation of webMethods Failover and High Availability (For Integration Server, Broker, MywebMethods Server, etc)
  • Production Support
  • Maintenance and Enhancements (M & E)
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Tibco - the power of now.  Tibco Practice
We're your solution for Service Oriented Architecture.
W3Global offers advanced expertise in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), with a specialty in developing solutions for the TIBCO platform.
We offer the following TIBCO design solutions:
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Message Oriented Architecture
W3Global provides services for the TIBCO Product Suite listed below:
  • TIBCO EMS (Enterprise Messaging Server)
  • TIBCO Business Works
  • TIBCO iProcess Suite
  • TIBCO Application Adapters (Siebel, SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  • TIBCO Hawk
  • TIBCO Technical adapters (File, Database, etc.)
  • TIBCO System Administration
Sterling Commerce practice
W3Global provides the support of an advanced Sterling Commerce Practice Team, with deep industry standard experience in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technologies. Our company has completed many successful Sterling Commerce software implementations — from developing comprehensive, integrated road maps to connecting entire business communities, W3Global provides the right combination of technology, consulting and implementation of improved processes to drive value throughout extended enterprises. Built upon the Sterling Commerce world-class technology suite, our solutions are designed to provide flexibility and adaptability in today’s rapidly changing Internet-driven marketplace.
We provide the following Sterling Commerce Solutions:
  • Security and Performance Assessment of Current Environment
  • Architecture, Deployment, Migrations and Ongoing Support for Sterling Commerce applications (Including Gentran and Gentran Integration Suite (GIS)/Sterling Integrator)
  • Application Integration (SAP, QAD, Oracle, Lawson, and more)
  • EDI Services (Ideal for Organizations with Limited Internal EDI/integration Capabilities)
  • Upgrade Implementation
IBM webSphere - WebSphere & J@EE Practice

W3Global specializes in the design and development of J2EE applications, standardizing on the IBM WebSphere Application Server. Whether managing a project or augmenting your team, W3Global’s consultants bring their expertise from implementing over 1000 WebSphere projects to enhance your initiative.

Our consultants are experienced in many popular industry frameworks, including Struts, Spring, Hibernate and JSF. These open source frameworks provide extensions and improvements for building Web-based applications on top of the Java Enterprise platform.

We are also proficient using Web development models such as AJAX, W3Global’s consultants can create interactive applications with a richer front-end and improved usability for end users. With AJAX, users gain a more responsive experience in a shorter time, because instead of reloading an entire Web page, only the changed portions of are reloaded.

We have a rich depth of experience delivering robust J2EE applications — you can be sure your development project is safe with W3Global.

Product Focus Areas:
  • WebSphere Application Server
  • WebSphere Portal Server
  • WebSphere Business Modeler & Process Server
  • WebSphere MQ & Message Broker
  • WebSphere Integration Developer
  • WebSphere DataPower
  • Workplace Web Content Manager, Dashboards and Forms
  • Tivoli Access Manager & Identity Manager
  • Tivoli Composite Application Manager
  • Rational Application Developer, Software Architect, Performance Tester and ClearCase
  • Information Server
Migrations and Updates

W3Global specializes in conducting migrations to IBM WebSphere. Many organizations move to IBM WebSphere to benefit from reduced costs, a robust product portfolio, integrated tooling, and a partner with long-term stability and growth, as well as reputed service and support.

Call in the experts — having conducted dozens of WebSphere migrations, W3Global has built a knowledge base of compatibility and functional points of difference, as well as best practices based around WebSphere migration techniques. Rather than losing valuable time from your staff for a one-time-only migration effort, leverage our expert consultants‘ experience, tools and methodology to avoid unnecessary risk, time and costs.

W3Global's Migration Expertise:
  • BEA WebLogic to IBM WebSphere
  • Sun iPlanet to IBM WebSphere
  • BEA Tuxedo to IBM WebSphere
  • TIBCO to WebSphere Process Server
  • Oracle Application to IBM WebSphere
  • Vignette to Workplace Web Content Manager
  • Migration from Other Technologies, Including JBoss,Sonic, Neon, ATG, Sybase Portal and More
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Our Key Specializations:
  • J2EE Architecture, Development & Deployment
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Business Integration & Business Process Management
  • Portal Architecture, Development & Deployment
  • Security—Access & Identity Management
  • Information Management
  • Application Optimization & Monitoring
  • Technology Migrations
  • Skills Transfer & Mentoring
  • Testing & Testing Automation
SAP Service Offering

We provide end-to-end support for SAP software projects through our experienced SAP Teams. We also provide SAP staffing, offering expert consultants to augment and accelerate your existing projects. In addition to standard SAP projects, W3 also offers custom software development using state-of-the-art development techniques. We help customers create new strategic solutions using any combination of modules and custom development as required.

W3Global’s SAP Consulting practice is uniquely structured to provide solutions and services that span the entire life cycle of SAP R/3 systems, through the use of both onsite and offshore development centers. Our vision is to see our clients maximize the business value and ROI of their SAP systems. This requires a partner - not only for the implementation and integration phase, but also for the Post-Implementation phase and through the system's complete lifecycle.

Our SAP Services include the following:
  • SAP Process Integration
  • SAP NetWeaver
  • SAP Enterprise Portal
  • SAP Master Data Management
  • SAP Customer Relationship Management
  • SAP Supplier Relationship Management
Our primary focus in SAP is in Process Integration. Some of the key benefits of our process integration services are listed below:

Our customers receive practical solutions based on industry-recognized best practices. Customers can save costs and time associated with major development efforts by taking advantage of our pre-packaged solutions and utilities.

Prioritized integration efforts make it possible to achieve maximum ROI and ease of implementation.

When disparate systems are integrated successfully, businesses are empowered to make better use of their resources.

By leveraging existing legacy systems, businesses can avoid the cost of a "rip and replace" method, and standardize their systems using services-based architecture.

We assist customers in staying up-to-date with latest and best technologies, to help them stay ahead of the game.

Integration and maintenance costs of IT systems can be reduced by providing a common, central repository for interfaces, with an integrated tool set to help organizations build their own integration scenarios.

Through flexibility and rapid design, implementation, and execution of new business strategies and processes, we help businesses take advantage of opportunities more quickly.

Our consultants provide the best of business solutions, aligning IT with business requirements.

W3Global, Inc. will help your team achieve the Key benefits of SOA: its adaptability, flexibility, and openness, which are all needed to update and adopt new processes while keeping development costs down. This is the blueprint for industry services, and enterprise-scale business solutions.

Through advanced web services, customers gain the robustness, security, manageability, and supportability needed at the enterprise level.

Information Management
W3Global's Information Management Services can help you leverage one of your organization’s key assets - information -— and make that information available to your employees, partners and customers. Whether you need better customer information for sales tactics, adherence to audit and regulatory requirements, combined product information to control costs, or other information-related objectives, W3 Global has the necessary tools to provide Information on Demand and bring increased flexibility and agility to your business.
W3 Global provides a variety of services to help with your Information Management initiatives, including the following specialties:
  • Information Integration
  • Data Transformation
  • Content Management
  • Data Cleansing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Master Data Management
Use our expertise to maximize benefits to your business. W3Global’s Certified Consultants are deeply skilled, and can assist with all aspects of your Information Management project. In addition, our Information Management team can help you with assessments and provide a roadmap for future IT needs.