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Managing your talent effectively allows you to get the most out of each employee, boost your revenue and retain your top performers. Finding the right Human Resources hires to oversee these essential roles can take a lot of time and attention that you could be spending on your core business competencies. W3Global can find you talent with the specialized skill sets that benefit your organization.

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Human Resources
  • HR Generalist: Small and medium-size businesses often need a HR professional that handles multiple HR responsibilities. HR Generalists are the perfect option for this situation, as they have a core skill set that covers most of your needs. They have broad knowledge of HR, and you get the support you need to effectively manage your staff.
  • Recruiting Manager: A steady employee candidate pipeline keeps your company growing strong. The modern recruitment strategy is a complex, multi-stage journey that begins before a candidate ever talks to you directly. You have to consider social media, your website, review sites, and many other channels when you are trying to attract new talent to your company. When it comes to high turnover positions that are in a competitive market, such as sales staff, recruiting is even more difficult to manage on your own. A Recruiting Manager takes all of this stress off your shoulders by creating a recruiting strategy and putting it into action from start to finish. They also help support steady and organic company growth within both start-up and established organizations.
  • Talent Manager: You must keep your employees engaged to improve retention and keep your company expanding at a steady pace. To do this, you must understand exactly what your staff wants and provide the resources needed to meet these requirements and consistently deliver. A Talent Manager designs and implements the performance management system for the company. This professional also helps identify leadership candidates, arranges for skills development training, and strategizes with employees to find ways to meet expected goals.
  • HR Support/Shared Services: This HR role looks after new employee onboarding, handles employee training and also plays the role of the first point of contact for most of the HR concerns and questions.

Put your company on the path to high growth when you choose W3Global to handle your Human Resources staffing needs.