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Will AI replace human recruiters in the near future…?

Posted on December 7th, 2021

Recruiters are always under pressure. They have routine tasks every day besides nonroutine tasks now and then. These days Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to their help but at what cost is the question here.

There is a trending question these days: WILL AI REPLACE HUMAN RECRUITERS? Well, the question is difficult to answer, at least for the time being.

Let us now see if the question is really valid or exaggerated.

AI & recruitment:

Same as in any field, AI is making its necessity felt in the field of recruitment. These days, AI is specifically used to acquire talent. In the hiring process, Machine Learning and AI will help with routine tasks which otherwise will take hours or days if done manually. AI is particularly useful in shortlisting candidates for open roles.

How AI works in recruitment?

AI tools work by making use of machine learning.

These tools can aid in eliminating phrases that could potentially be prejudiced by analyzing the language you have used in the job descriptions.

It also does the resume vetting process during the candidate screening phase by examining resumes for keywords that match up the job requirements.

AI can even be used at the time of the interview scheduling phase.

Above all, AI systems will make use of the applicant tracking system’s information to come to precise decisions based on the understanding of the talent pool.

Well, now what actually favours the usage of AI in recruitment:

There are 2 main advantages:
  1. Time-saving due to task automation.
  2. Narrows down the candidates' list when there are many passive candidates.

Now, let us talk about the cons or disadvantages of AI in recruitment.

Despite set algorithms, AI can make biased judgments.

Not all HRs & recruiters have the skill to use AI for recruitment purposes.

Talked about the pros & cons of AI in recruitment now, let we see the main question: Is AI substituting recruiters?

For now, the short and simple answer is, artificial intelligence is not yet prepared to substitute recruiters in this significant process.

Recruitment requires a human touch moderately as we can use our own experiences to empathize with and get unique understandings into competent applicants; this is a thing that only human beings can do to suggest a better applicant experience, improve the culture fit, and enhance the candidate engagement. All such things, AI can never grasp for the present, at least.

For this single reason, it is doubtful that AI will replace recruiters in the near years.

However, it is always suggested for recruiters to use Artificial intelligence in their recruitment process.

To sum up, artificial intelligence, despite its pros and cons is still a game-changer in hiring. AI technology is the way to lower time-to-hire and mechanize everyday tasks and help in the staffing process.

Recruiters can make use of AI to assess more candidates and enhance the chances of getting the right candidate. Besides, they can also use it to engage passive candidates.

So, instead of pondering over what will happen in future, it is better to take full advantage of AI in recruitment for the present.

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