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Value Employees —The Best Recruitment and Retention Practice Post-Pandemic

Posted on October 8th, 2021

Employers are facing tough times following the pandemic, says one of the noted workforce development consultants in the US. He said, "COVID19 changed how the employment game is played, and now employers are scrambling to find qualified people to work. Adding to this, 3 million boomers opted out last year, took their packages and retired."

He further stated, "COVID19 also redefined how people see work, family, and life. Being home with their children, working virtually, coupled with the assistance of Government unemployment, gave people a lot of time to analyze their lives, work, and future."

Summing up, he said, "People no longer want to work for lower than living wage standards, watching higher-ups make tons of money while they break even, or be treated as a number."

All these only connote that there is a new normal in the USA — "Being Valued". Employees are asking for recognition both in terms of pay and treatment.

A national workforce researcher at the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association Symposium also shared the same opinion. He said, "More than ever, valuing employees is a necessary recruitment and retention strategy."

The same researcher's report even had sufficient reasons explaining why employees are not getting back to the workplace and why they are not interested in settling down for something less. He said the only way to tackle the situation for the employers is by valuing them.

Below are a few of the points he emphasized on which the employers should focus to retain employees and sustain their businesses.

  1. Flex-Time- The need for this is quite high as many working parents understood that they were not spending quality time with their children.
  2. Better Pay- People are no more willing to work for minimum pays anymore. They wish for a respectful and livable wage. This tendency has increased more following the pandemic.
  3. Accept Side Hustles- Several companies fret individuals doing works on the side and freelancing to earn some extra bucks. However, this must be left out as people are looking out more for such opportunities. A recent study found that people are more inclined to such works as they have more free time and work only if interested.
  4. Treat With Respect- Fear management will no more work with the present generation. Employees want value and respect and not fear. Potential workers have lot many alternatives.
  5. Show Appreciation- These days, people may let go of less pay but not less recognition. Employers are craving recognition more than ever. A little appreciation will go miles in retaining an employee. This concept is particularly true for the ones searching for a job post-pandemic.

So, as a responsible employer, if you wish to recruit and retain employees pay heed to these suggestions.

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