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How To Keep Your Office Boredom At Bay

Posted on January 29th, 2021

Are you tired, frustrated, uninspired and completely on edge? If so, you are bored. Don’t worry, it isn’t you alone who is going through this feeling. On average, 10.5 hours in a workweek get wasted due to this emotional situation. So, instead of moving half-dead with it, let’s know how to beat boredom and emerge emotionally strong and physically active to get going both in our personal and professional works.


Loss of curiosity is the base of boredom, it could be either work-related or personal. If you lose creativity in the work you are doing it means you are trapped emotionally. So, when you get bolted in your work search for a different thing that makes you curious or you are curious about.

You could start reading your favorite novel, watch a movie, call your friends or for that matter you can chit-chat with your boss. Try doing something that’s entirely different from your day-to-day works.

If all the above don’t work, now change the way you’re looking at your work or project. Get into the shoes of who will benefit from your work. Try putting yourselves in the shoes of whoever will benefit from the project you’re working on. This will surely give a boost to what you’re doing. The feeling that your work is going to be beneficial for someone itself will make you curious about your work and push you that extra mile to stay focused. Give a human touch to your work rather than seeing it as a means to your livelihood.


People devoid of self-awareness are easily prone to monotony. 90% of top performers are also big in EQ while a mere 20% of low performers are high in EQ. EQ comprises personal competence, which has self-management skills and self-awareness. It also has social competence, described as relationship management and social awareness. When you are bored at work, it is easier to blame your job or fill your brain with the thoughts such as ‘my boss isn’t utilizing my skills’, ‘the job is boring’ or ‘my colleagues are not cooperative’’. These could be true at times but developing emotional awareness will help you deal with the situation as you can be more assertive of the cause and you can deal with the situation yourself. You don’t need top management to fix things for you.


When you feel bored it is time to trespass your own world. All of us have some sort of comfort zone which we don’t wish to cross. This time for a change when boredom strikes you, push yourself outside that comfort zone. Who knows this zone itself may be the cause of your monotony? Try something outside the periphery, say for example if your passion is in reading books try traveling this time. Trying something that you don’t like or you are afraid to explore will bring in new positive vibes.


Most of the time, people feel bored because they are either given work that’s not within their capacity or they are given work that’s below their capacity. In case, you fall under the latter case, ask your boss to give you more work than actually you are supposed to do. This way, you not only get job satisfaction but you’re also winning your boss’s admiration. Take your boredom as a chance to showcase to your boss what you are capable of.


Environmental aesthetics will contribute to work values. Perhaps, you may be needing a change to your surroundings. Remove whatever that brings you sick feelings or gives you monotony. Make your desk more attractive and meaningful. Have you heard of color therapy? If so, try it. Some colors simply lift the mood.

Try these and you will definitely get away from your boring feeling and will start reenjoying your work.

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