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Using Emotional Intelligence To Deescalate Arguments

Posted on February 2nd, 2021

In today’s world of social and corporate environments being a manager is very much a difficult thing, leave aside being a successful manager. It takes very little for a small disagreement to quickly escalate. With people’s strong emotions and sensitivities at the peak, the mere mentioning of certain issues can make the atmosphere burn. Such situations will not only spoil the work ambiance but will also strain the very nature of human relationships. However, as a manager, it is your duty to see that the personal agendas of others or for that instance yours don’t ramshackle the very nature of collective success and organization’s working.

In dealing with tough situations and fragile humans emotional intelligence is very much needed. When others don’t agree with your views you should know how to use emotional intelligence and the goodness of psychology to handle such situations. After all, every person and every opinion is important for success. You cannot lose people for the sheer fact that he/she disagrees with you. To be more precise one is called a successful manager when one manages different minds and different hands with ease for the progress of an organization.

Before we let you know how to use emotional intelligence to deescalate an argument as a manager you should find your strength and take on the high road. As a manager, if you know how to redirect an argument using your commonsense you are more than half successful.

Below are the emotional intelligence techniques to ease an argument.

Stay Self-Aware:

Negative reactions like frustration and anger will hijack the body. Instances are when the breath goes low, the shoulders and belly tense up, and the brain looks to get confused with shuffling emotions and thoughts. It takes intensity to recover your self-awareness and your determination is put to the challenge.

Why are these happening and why is your attitude on the edge. If you can gauge clearly it is not totally due to the situation but due to the thoughts that you entertained regarding the discussion. If you are feeling the urge to be right or if you are vulnerable, it is almost impossible to stay cool and hold your temper. So, always be self-conscious, be open, be confident and listen without any predetermined judgments or taking things very much personally.

Give Their Due Respect:

Same as you have every right to strongly disagree with a person everyone has their right to express their opinions. It can be a tough ask to respect what they are saying, nevertheless make it a point to recognize them as your co-human.

Re-create respect through the dialogue with statements such as, "I realize that we can talk about our disagreements." You could indicate that you know how vital the concern is.

Construct Mutual Ground:

There will always be something within each topic that 2 factions can agree upon, although it may be positioned on a wide-ranging idea. You may wish to find a solution to a problem, or wish to see a stronger economy, or for that instance something else. Whatever the point of focus maybe say that although you have distinct visions about how to reach that point there are still some common points between you and the second party.

Promote Trust:

People require trust especially when the situation comes wherein, they are asked to open their opinions. It is your duty as a manager to foster trust saying that their opinions either good or bad will not come with consequences.

Dismissiveness demoralizes respect and trust. Steer the talks towards a zone of mutual trust by letting them-speak more regarding the point of trouble.

Agree To Differ:

In general, differing opinions, values, expectations, requirements, and qualities are what make this globe work. If everybody is like-minded there is no scope for growth, innovation and stability. Being a leader, it is necessary to enclose yourself with the ones who think differently and not as you.

Appreciate And Value Differences Instead Of Forcing Your Opinion:

The more you try to do away with the other person’s ideas the more you are making the atmosphere tense. Instead, tap and pat on the idea of other people if it makes sense. By doing so, probably you’re opening up all-new possibilities.

End The Conversation:

At any point in time if you feel that the second person is no match to your capabilities or thoughts simply put a full stop to the conversation. It is always better to windup a useless conversation instead of prolonging it and taking it to an escalation point.

Follow these simple emotional techniques and see how good a manager you can be. After all, the most intelligent way to be a successful person in life is to HEAR MORE AND TALK LESS.

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