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Must have traits to be a Successful Recruiter during COVID-19.

Posted on August 10th, 2020

To accomplish new heights of success during these testing times, one needs to be courageous, resilient, determined, and must have a never-say-die attitude. While each skill is individually potent, mastering the complete set forms a powerhouse of ability, setting the stage for success. No matter how challenging the situation, you will emerge victorious.

Let’s take a look at these traits you need to focus on.

Learnability: This skill is the core of all successful recruiting professionals, no matter their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. Never stop learning because life never stops teaching; always embrace the student mindset to achieve great feats. There will always be something new to discover or a new strategy to implement, a new approach towards problem-solving and decision-making, and new tactics to try. Always have the zeal to learn them, use them – and never settle for stagnation.

Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence in this context is the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes to understand or empathize with their perspective as well as test the waters and read their real intentions. Emotional intelligence is a split second mind shift that happens - it’s hard to describe. Let’s simplify “EI” with a business example: When the hiring manager is ready to interview a candidate and they don’t show up, it’s a no-call, no-show. Most recruiters would react with anger and disappointment for their lack of professionalism. This happens because you are only thinking about your situation. However, these reactions, though justifiable, can have adverse results. Firstly, you might lose potential star candidates who had very real reasons for not showing up. What if the candidate has a family emergency and had to handle it on high priority? What if the candidate’s car broke down midway while driving for the onsite visit? In recruitment, putting yourself in another person's shoes will help you read what they are thinking, saying, or experiencing. Mastering the art of reading people offers you the advantage in all lifestyles, be it business or personal.

Time management: Successful recruiters are self-starters, which means in large part, making their schedule. Fitting in everything they need to do, while not becoming overwhelmed, takes skill and effort. From getting up in the morning to organizing the day, learning proper time management is a key factor. Successful recruiters take inventory of how they spend the days in a week, decide on what they can cut out, what things they can spend less time on while still being as effective. They have a 4-point agenda for every day: (i). Using a to-do list and writing down every task that comes their way. (ii). Constant review of their to-do list at the end of every working day. (iii). Diligently use the Eisenhower matrix to prioritize their tasks. (iv). Doing the right task at the right time saves time and energy!

Focus: Focus is the driving factor for all successful recruiters; they are always thinking about maximum output in everything they do. Expert recruiters in the staffing industry can keep their mind focused on their strengths, passions, and their plans for success. The focus will help them to stay on task to complete it quickly and efficiently while maintaining optimal quality of their work. They effectively use their best traits to stay focused and achieve their goals without wasting their time or money.

Getting the best out of yourself: This aspect plays into time management well, though it applies mainly to yourself. Learning to control your energy, and directing it where it needs to go, will keep you from being burnt out. Technically, it’s not possible to burn the candle at both ends for long – you need to comprehend how to increase and sustain energy for most of the day to commit to the long road to success.

Networking: If you dislike networking, achieving your goals becomes significantly more difficult. Connecting with other successful people or having subject matter experts readily available will open doors. Networking will help you learn faster and allow you to add value to others by connecting people that can help each other. Look at networking as a game within a game to help yourself overcome reservations. Place yourself out there, be authentic, be vulnerable and networking will just become a normal part of your life.

Goal setting: It can be complex, even at the best of times, to motivate yourself. Having a vision of what success looks like and working toward achieving that goal is what sets winners apart from mediocre recruiting professionals. In simple words, being successful in your long-term career means grabbing opportunities and exploring new ideas, which is possible by setting a goal. Successful recruiters know that goal setting does not just happen on New Year’s Eve. They have to keep their eye on the prize, which is their ultimate goal but has weekly, monthly, and year goals that act as smaller steps towards their final destination.

“ Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”

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