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Bonding + Rapport = Strong Pipeline

Posted on June 12th, 2020

The current coronavirus crisis as well as the fear of an unknown future is hard on everyone emotionally and may have turned our lives Upside Down. With widespread layoffs, furloughs and job losses spreading through the world due to this deadly Pandemic has forced many clients as well as candidates to freeze any professional activity. On a positive note, this unprecedented situation has also allowed us to watch our workstyle from another perspective by building a Solid Pipeline. Here is some food for thought, even though Bonding and Rapport are the first steps in the entire recruitment cycle, your bonding and rapport are happening from the moment you make that first cold call all the way through to the offer and client development. Bonding and Rapport is not just the first step in the recruitment cycle but in fact, it happens all through the recruitment cycle.

  1. Bonding: In simple language, bonding is the formation of a close relationship (as between a Client and Staffing Firm or between a Candidate and a Headhunter) especially through frequent or constant association via texts, emails, or calls. It is the establishment of a relationship or link with your clients or candidates based on shared Vision, Career Interests, or Professional Attributes. It’s undoubtedly understandable that things are moving at snail’s pace because of COVID-19, nonetheless, bonding with your clients and candidates plays an indispensable role in building a Solid Pipeline. The key to bonding is Empathy, especially with the current situation it’s exceedingly significant for every Recruiter, Headhunter, Account Manager, BDM, or any other Recruitment Professional to step into the shoes of a candidate as well as a client to experience their pain. Relentless empathetic bonding with your clients as well as candidates lays a concrete professional foundation for closing future deals once things are back to normalcy. It’s a proven fact, constant professional communication with your candidates and clients especially during these dark times will unquestionably leave an optimistic impression about you and your staffing firm.
  2. Rapport: People buy emotionally, they only make decisions intellectually. To strike an emotionally connect with your clients or candidates every Recruiting Professional needs to establish a rapport so that every call is a successful sales call. Establishing rapport is a process of understanding and effectively using the elements of communication such as Tonality, Physiology, Verbal, and Listening skills as well as knowing whether your client or candidate is Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic. Rapport drives every recruiting professional to bring down the walls put-up by all clients or candidates and eventually result in building a strong pipeline. One stigma attached to some recruiting professionals that they tend to be oriented toward the technical or intellectual aspect of their product or service. The problem is, however; if your client or candidate buys emotionally but you use a technical approach in your recruiting, guess what happens: All Too Often, Not Much and you miss an opportunity to connect with your client or candidate despite your technical skills and you do not make the closure. So how do you achieve both; well the first step while dealing with new or existing clients or candidates is to connect with them to build a strong pipeline. Here comes a very simple technique to build a Solid Pipeline, which applies to both clients as well as candidates, and this concept is called rapport. Rapport and building professional relationships with your clients and candidates carry over through the entire recruitment cycle. People buy from people with whom they are comfortable; the goal in establishing rapport is to have the ability to make the clients and candidates comfortable with you. Rapport will make you feel comfortable dealing with your clients or candidates and in turn, they feel the same comfort because of rapport. Remember the old saying, “People buy from people they trust and feel comfortable around, People do business with people they like and who are like-minded. The art of building rapport can be mastered by Practice, Patience, and showing a genuine sensitivity for the other person's position. Stay emotionally detached from the sales call. Focus all your attention on your prospect, not on yourself, don’t be I centered be prospect centered.

Dark Times teach us a lot. That’s why we can’t regret what we went through, but rather be thankful for all the lessons it taught us.

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