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How to answer “why work here?” question like a boss

Posted on September 27th, 2019

Oh… Really!! Everybody knows the answer to this! Isn’t it obvious!!!

Actually, it may not seem like it appears. It might not be as simple as it looks or heard for that matter.

These are some kind of questions that sound offensive when heard but meant to trip us up. A common Interview question. But a lot challenging to answer. A single question that requires answers for 2 internal questions:

  • Why this company
  • Why this job

Every interview is different, every company is different and every interviewer is different. Not a single soul on earth can answer this for somebody else. Of course, it totally depends on how you express yourself.

That’s kind of lame for an article which is going to help you answer this question, isn’t it?

Yes, but what we can do is help you with how not to answer this question so that you are left with all the best options to be answered.

…I just wanted a job and I found this interesting.

This can actually be a candidate response. Because it might be true. You might get credit for being honest… But remember you are not just here to answer the question but to make the best impression.

…I heard that this place is great with pay and perks.

Employers always see “what are we going to get from this resource” than what the resource is getting out of this company. So… Rephrase.

…It’s for career improvement. I see it’s a bigger and better place.

It may imply that if you get a bigger opportunity tomorrow… Even though no employer expects you to dedicate your life to their company… Think…

Better Approach:

Drill out all the research that you have done about this opportunity that made you stand here in front of Hiring manager. This can be another chance for you to showcase what all you know.

The first thing that you have to do in that room is to make your interviewer believe that he/she can find no other person fit for that job other than you. Make your skills align with the required skills. Qualities align with the values and needs of the company.

Let’s meet again with the things that might go wrong in a Video Interview and how we can reduce their occurrences.

How can you really answer:

Its salary or the perks that we want and it’s the driving factor. But money can’t be the incentive all the time. Every job that you do can be a stepping stone for your next career option. You don’t want any company to be a roadblock for your successful career. You want a better place now to reach a better place tomorrow. Discuss your career goals and where you want to see yourself in the short term in this company and long term in your life.

That would be a great wrap up. Don’t forget to keep the answer short, sweet, honest (but not too honest).

Good luck!