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W3Global, Inc. unveils New Logo and Redefines Staffing Strategies

Posted on May 20th, 2020

W3Global, Inc. unveils New Logo and Redefines Staffing Strategies

Frisco, Texas – May 18, 2020 – W3Global, Inc, unveiled New Logo and Website. The color red in the new Logo exemplifies the confidence to Reinvent Staffing Strategies while turning the current Adversities into Opportunities. W3Global has been in the staffing and recruitment industry for over 14 successful years and has already made its presence felt in the business world. The new website will be a collection of powerful features and new tools which serve as a massive release for all candidates, including clients across the US and Globally. The new website gives the edge to stay on top of the latest hiring trends as W3global partners with the biggest names across industries, while sourcing and placing Top-Talent through its integrated ATS-Talent Pathway.

The new website is tailor-made for candidates looking for Career Advancement actively or passively. Let's take a look at some unique features to hire smarter with this game-changing new website.

  • Easy Navigation to Open Jobs: This brand new website is all about making sure you can find not just the next career move with the most happening organization, but the company that best suits your unique working style and preferences. It empowers you to find your dream job, there’s a pretty comprehensive set of search filters at your disposal on the home page. These include, but aren’t limited to Job Title, Job Function, Industry, Location, Keywords & many more. This new feature helps you to find your ideal job according to your preferences, when you apply the filters in the Find Jobs platform, you’ll know right away if the opportunity in the results is a viable option for your career move. There are thousands of open jobs in the New W3Global Career Page and we’re adding more every day.
  • Mobile-Friendly Job Application Process: Candidates can seamlessly find and apply for the next career move by utilizing our Digitized Resume Upload option that leads applicants into successful placements with top-notch companies. In today’s tech world mobile is the most powerful device and W3Global has nailed it with a Quick-Fix Mobile friendly option on the career page. Candidates can apply for an open position just by uploading their resume with a few clicks on their Phones, Tabs or any other gadgets and keep the ball rolling while on the go.
  • Quick Response, Notifications, and Job Status: The moment a candidate applies for a job on the W3Global Career Page, he/she will get an immediate acknowledgment email to schedule the next steps for the recruitment process. We strongly believe that It’s crucial to strike while the iron is hot, as we all know Time is the essence and cannot afford to miss out on these Top-Notch applicants. W3Global Career Page is securely integrated with its ATS Talent Pathway, hence the recruitment cycle turn around time is always on the fast-track which streamlines your hiring process from end to end. Though we have limited time and resources to engage passive candidates, however, this powerful tool converts passive candidates to active participants in the recruiting process. This user-friendly system identifies and enriches passive candidates, launches personalized outreach, engages talent with unique branding, and works candidates down the funnel for an interview, eventually for a closure. To learn more, please visit us at www.w3global.com

The whole idea to launch this Brand New Logo and Website is to create awareness that, Human Willpower is generally far more resilient during difficult times.

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