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How to make your Hiring manager think that they are crazy if they don’t hire you

Posted on June 25th, 2019

Think your interview as a process of selling yourself

As your interview is your chance to sell yourself and prove this person of all the good you can do for the company, think of this conversation as a sales pitch.

Before you walk in the door, you should be ready with a short, punchy sentence or two that not only wraps up your skills, qualities and talents, but also entices the interviewer to listen to more of what you have to say.

Interview yourself first
  • Ready to compose that tough-hammering sentence or two that will fashion a great first impression with your probable employer?
Start by asking yourself a series of questions.
  • The answers should help you comprehend your own value and understand all that you could possibly achieve with this new opportunity.


  • Dress well for the interview
  • Create a presentable resume
  • Be ardent and engaged during the interview
  • Keep Check on your Body Language
  • Highlight your achievements with your present organization
  • Demonstrate live examples from projects
  • Prove to the hiring managers that You Are a Great Leader
  • Show the certificates if you have any that are important
  • Quote a Decent Salary:
Now comes the killer tips:
Even Attila the Hun has allies.

The next vital step is having superb references. Even if you are the evilest person on earth, you will at least have a handful of people who will sing your praise. Identify people of such sort and feed them to your employer. Give your people a heads up that you have done so and be extra kind to them for at least a month before the process.

Five references are generally enough. Most employers stop at three, so if you give them more, you will look like a credible person.

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In spite of pepper coated French fries are unhealthy, everybody loves them.

You’ll undoubtedly have some weaknesses which are less than desirable with your soon-to-be employer. You Should rootpepper coated French fries into the hiring manager’s head that you will be the perfect candidate for the job.

The interview process is exactly the time where you can promise on what you can do. The more you promise them, the more they will tend to pay you. Forget the sugar shaker, you know that once you are in, it’s too late. Later make sure just to keep up to what you have promised without paying a deaf ear to yourself.

People can’t help but follow the herd.

As soon as your soon-to-be employer gets a whiff that someone else might be interested in hiring you, your stock will rocket to the top. You ought to create that fretfulness even if it might not be entirely true. It’s easy to say that you have come within reach by a competing firm, but nothing has transpired yet. Once your prospective employer hears that, they’ll start thinking about for sure.

For more blogs please visit our website W3Global, Inc.