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Ways To Survive The COVID-19 Crisis

Posted on May 19th, 2020

W3Global strongly believes in the “Practice what you Preach” ideology. It has transformed all its employees to be resilient and rock-solid during these unprecedented times, as well as making sure all of its candidates and clients are satisfied with the workflow. This is the time, this is the hour to think out of the box and W3Global is an expert in this art form. No one can guarantee or develop a perfect plan, but we can take many steps that will help your Employees, Candidates, and Clients to emerge from this Pandemic with fewer battle wounds.

Let’s take a look, what W3Global is doing to support and pep up its Employees, Candidates, and Clients:

Employees: W3Global has explored and conceptualized ways to avoid the pitfalls, conquer distractions, and stay professional as well as productive while you're working from home. It has seamlessly transitioned the office workspace into virtual and digitized remote working capabilities for its employees without any hassle. As an employee-centric company, W3Global has ensured that each of its employees is well-taken care, which gives them the ability to adjust their working environment to match their preferences and needs; this flexibility helps them to stay more relaxed and boost their morale during these dark times. It has given the advantage to all its employees doing tasks in a way that suits those best that allows them to work more efficiently, creatively, and enjoyably. All-in-all W3global has made home-based workforce a smooth transition and making it the emerging face of work-life balance in the 21st century. Virtual rewards and recognitions for the performers as well as digitized meetings have is a joy ride for its employees.

Candidates: Because of this uncertainty when everyone out there is working remotely, making in-person interviews, and hiring the next impossible thing. Nevertheless, W3Global is keeping the ball rolling by organizing a unique pattern of virtual Screening, Interviewing, Hiring, and Onboarding of new talent by taking advantage of the technology. This exceptional style of Staffing and Recruitment during these unprecedented times has made W3Global stand out of the crowd as well as giving its contemporaries run for their money. During this hour of need, when unemployment is rising W3Global has reacted just like a Thought Leader and has followed an out of the box 3 point rule:

  1. Elimination of face-to-face interviews,
  2. Condense the interview cycle,
  3. Remote Onboarding.

This 3-point rule has made an enormous effect on the hiring cycle and resulted in a Win-Win situation for the candidate, client & staffing firm.

Clients: W3Global strongly believes in establishing a strong and long-lasting professional relationship with any of its clients. However the big question is, can your remote workforce stay connected to clients while they work from home during the coronavirus outbreak? The answer is a resounding yes when you pair the right tools with digital campaigns that strike the right tone with consumers. However, make no mistake; it requires research and a solid plan of action. In addition, this roadblock can be removed with a 6-point rule:

  1. Unified Client Outreach,
  2. Tweaked Content,
  3. Screen Sharing Presentations,
  4. Thirty Second Commercial-Social Channels,
  5. Online Hosting-Webinar,
  6. Client Experience-Consistency.

This 6-point rule will keep you connected and build strong Client Relationships.

Uncertainties and Unprecedented times are inevitable, which is out of human control but reevaluating our working style is in our control. To learn more, please visit https://www.w3global.com/

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