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Physically Distant but Digitally Connected

Posted on April 23rd, 2020

COVID-19 may have enforced Lockdown in our lives but it has failed to enforce a Lockdown on our high spirits and hopes to beat this deadly Pandemic.

The phrase “at work” has, for many of us, always meant a physical space — the office. Now companies, communities, schools, and organizations of all kinds are reconciling how to adjust to working from home. These challenging times have inspired W3Global to find new ways to not only reimagine how to work, but put in place tools as well as practices that keep everyone working together, wherever they might be. This immediate shift at this scale poses an interesting question — how do we make it seamless for our employees to work from anywhere when everyone is everywhere?

There is no silver bullet and no simple answer. Let’s take a look, how W3Global makes remote working /work from home seamless for its employee’s:

  • Digitized processes to make “work from anywhere” easierwhich ensures thatour employees are safe and engaged.
  • Continuing to innovate and learn new ways to embrace digital ways of working
  • Automating new processes and developing new policies.

W3Global built its ATS in the form of the Talent Pathway that digitizes activities like Job Postings, Resume Sourcing, Bulk Emailing, Interview Scheduling, Client Interaction, Follow-ups and many other interesting features. Instead of the traditional working style, W3Global has redefined it with Talent Pathway and has made the transition to remote working seamless. Since these processes were always digitized and built on a secured platform, work from home has always been a smooth ride forall the W3Global employees.

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