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Top job websites to look for in 2021

Posted on January 8th, 2021

The digital era has replaced traditional classified job ads with job websites. These job portals aren’t only convenient to use but are also up-to-date. As the new year-2021 begins and COVID-19 slowly but steadily lessens here are the job websites that every job seeker can visit.

Here we go with the top job search engines where you can try your luck:


Why: Best in the industry

Founded in 2004 with the motto: to help people find jobs, it is at present the largest online job portal across the globe. It boasts of the highest number of visitors per day, 250 million users every month, 10 new job listings per second, and last but not least, the number of industries and levels it caters to.

Surprisingly, the job website also gives importance to freelance, internship, and part-time jobs. To this website, a job is a job and it doesn’t find any difference between a full-time role or a freelance role or for that instance an in-house job or a remote job.

It never misses out on furnishing the most vital parts of a job: job title, location, salary, date of posting, experience level, and also if the recruiter is actively recruiting or not.

The best part, job seekers needn’t have an account to apply. There’s also a salary comparison tool and a section for company reviews.


Why: 2nd best in the industry

Truly an innovator in the digital recruiting era. It was established in 1994 to act as a platform for linking companies and talent. Since its inception, it has been doing great. At present, every minute 7,900 job search questions are posted and 29 resumes are uploaded.

Same as Indeed, Monster has every feature needed for a job seeker. However, one needs to register as a user to apply for jobs and get access to free job search tools. The candidates can also avail paid premium services such as resume writing, cover letter drafting, and so on.


Why: Legitimate remote jobs

This website is the most trusted one for real-time, flexible and work-from-home opportunities. Created in 2007, it has done its own share of good for people searching for remote and flexible jobs. Jobs posted here are hand-screened and the website has 27,000+ active job listings always. All these are sourced from nearly 5,600 vetted companies. There are 50 job categories beginning from entry positions to top management positions.

The website offers exclusive deals and discounts on services and products such as Dell laptops, professional career counseling and Intuit QuickBooks.

The website is always ad-free and scam-free. If you don’t want to pay for the membership you can try its sister website, Remote.co.


Why: Connect directly with recruiters

Started in 2003 it is the globe’s leading professional networking website and has more than 722 million registered users. It is a source for all types of opportunities and all industries. It not only serves as a job search platform but is also a good networking website. Users can directly connect with anyone.

Recruiters depend on LinkedIn profiles to verify candidates. Although a free to register and free to apply website there is also a premium membership option.

The ‘easy apply’ option and ‘your profile matches this job’ eases the applicant’s work. It also has an ‘actively recruiting’ notification which says the recruiter is searching for candidates actively.


Why: Right jobs with rewarding salaries

Although stated last, this job website has everything that both job seekers and recruiters want. Established in 2006, someone across the globe is hired every hour through this portal. It has 2000+ live jobs every minute across different industries. Usually, job seekers get interviewed in a fortnight after uploading their resumes. The job portal appoints a single point of contact for every individual thereby decreasing the uncertainty and time.

It has 500+ active employers on its list and has more than 1000000 active candidate profiles.

The best part of it is, it is not only a getaway for job seekers but is also a platform for employers. Every week about 100 jobs are closed on this website. Check openings here.

The other top websites include:

Best for experienced
Best for start-up jobs
Detailed review of companies
Up-to-date job listings
Good for recent Graduates
Best Hourly jobs
Good for veterans
Good for healthcare professionals

So, now you know which job websites you can rely upon this year. Start your job search and make it easier and authentic with these websites.

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