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Lost job…? Here Are Your Sure-Shot Job Hunting Tips

Posted on January 5th, 2021

The year 2020 has been tough to all of us especially with regards to employment irrespective of age, gender, position, sector or for that instance nation layoffs have been the ordeal of the year. Despite this bitter fact, there is nothing to worry even if you’re the one who lost job and are searching for one. The year 2021, looks promising according to many noted job portals and staffing leaders such as W3Global.

Besides, actively searching for job here are a few tips to keep up your spirits and not bow down to things that are not in your control such as COVID-19 and VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

Declutter & Accept The Reality:

As said above, things and times have been hard for all of us. Same like us (employees) even employers had the toughest times of the decade and had to take harsh decisions to keep situations intact. Accept this fact and come away from the feeling that YOU LOST YOUR JOB. According to a report of International Labour Organization (ILO) there’s a decline in global working hours of 12.1 % in the 2020 3 rd quarter which equals to 345 permanent jobs. So, same as you, majority of people across the globe have lost jobs. In this wake, it is better to clear up this feeling and get back to reality as quick as possible.

Above this, take this opportunity to analyse yourself, although COVID-19 would have been the primary cause of losing job, there could also be other reasons such as low performance, discipline issues and attitude problems. Introspect and take this time to upgrade in whatever way possible. Finally, ask yourself if this is really your job if not what’s your calling. A good pay doesn’t mean a successful career, grab this time to shift into a career that best suits you.

Remember it is never late to start a good journey.


Although, losing job isn’t a so-sweet-thing see it positively. Utilise the time to the maximum extent. Do all the works that haven’t been done due to time factor. Things like travelling to your favourite destinations, watching movies, meeting your old friends and above all focusing on acts that make you physically and mentally strong. If you feel all these are laborious just sit down, relax and spend time with you and your family before you again get busy 9AM to 6PM.

Update the CV & Cover Letter:

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is what you are. It is the mirror of your educational and professional summary. In fact, it’s the gateway for a HR to know you. Check if it is really speaking for you, make meaningful changes and try to better wherever needed. Besides, use this gap to learn new skills and add them on it. Your CV should have all your qualifications and achievements. Highlight them with statistics.

Coming to drafting a cover letter ensure you are personalising every time you are applying for a new job. one cover letter for all the jobs you apply may not be a proper way.

Knock Your Connections:

Have you ever wondered why these days most of the job application forms are asking to give your social media profile links? The reason is, being active on these platforms is now no more a choice but a necessity. So, if employers can do this why not you use the same medium to open doors for your next opportunity.

Reach out to people who you feel will be a helpful resource. Specially, don’t forget to ping your past HRs and employers about your present scenario. Be open in your conversations.

Finding A Job Is A Job Itself:

For a fault of yours or for a fault that’s not yours you have lost your job. What next? Obviously a job search? But how do you search it. Define a strict goal, organize your day schedule and stick to it. Be sure to stick to the schedule. Will you miss out time when you are in a job? Will you reach office late or leave early? Definitely not, so why change the custom when searching your job. Think and act like searching a job itself is your present job, this way you will be serious and do the job search in a more professional way. Sticking to such routine will also not let negative feelings reach you.

Talk To A Staffing Company:

Recruiters and employment firms will have a clear picture and a detailed information regarding in and out of employment situation. They will have details regarding which sectors are actively recruiting and which are not. So, better take help of them. Search their jobs page, probably you may get a breakthrough. If possible, get in touch with the recruiters of staffing companies to get information regarding open jobs and so on.

Check W3Global:

Staffing giants such as W3Global can easily help out in your job search. With thousands of jobs on display you can apply for your preferred ones. Update your CV and get in touch.

Follow these and you will find your next job soon.

Good luck!!!

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