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How can recruiters take the aid of digital transformation?

Posted on February 9th, 2021

Let us accept the fact-we’re witnessing the world’s greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Now let us also agree with the other truth -technology and digital transformation have helped a lot in this latest hard time. Both technology and digital transformation, besides, helping other professionals have also rescued recruiters.

The pandemic has changed the way how recruiters are filtering and hiring talent. With such unexpected times, if there was (is) one way for the recruiters to perform it was (is) ‘digital transformation’.

Said this, let us see what is there for recruiters in technology and digital transformation and how to use it for quick and effective recruitment.

  1. Abundant Analytics Data:
  2. Recruitment technology gives exclusive entry to up to date and real-time overview. It allows the recruiters to detect any fields of development that assist in executing the best recruitment approach. Furthermore, it will provide real-time data and updates on the events that happen with the employees and allow the recruiter to adapt and modify the methods as per requirements.

    These tools even have easy-to-understand and simple dashboards that permit viewing crucial metrics and making faster conclusions. All these allow effecting needed changes quickly in the recruitment strategies. For instance, recruiters can automate interview lists using the received data through recruitment tools like online assessment scores.

    The above is just a small case of a simple example and, there are such numerous other ways Artificial Intelligence can help automate recruitment activities.

  3. Staffing In High Volumes:
  4. Digital Recruitment technology even lets hiring personnel to manage bulk applicants. The number of candidates for an opening on an average was 59 in 2015, but in this year and the coming years, the scenario isn’t going to be the same as nearly 200 million full-time employees are jobless because of COVID-19. With this figure, it is easy to understand the average number of applications for any job. However, recruiters need not worry if they can take the assistance of the right technology. Growth in the recruitment technologies will help the recruiters in shortlisting the most eligible candidates from the bulk applications with ease. In fact, pre-employment testing and interview scheduling tools do this for the recruiters.

  5. Data Security:
  6. Let us be clear, the recruitment with the help of the digital revolution not only indicates using technology to recruit people but also connotes enhancing the skillsets of the teams and better security for the data. These two are the basements for all firms if they have to benefit from change and technology.

    Cybersecurity challenges were always there for the recruiters such as protecting the confidential info of candidates, payment records, and attendance details. However, now the challenges have been minimized to a large extent with the help of technology.

  7. Easier Tracking:
  8. Have you ever wondered how the so-called attendance punch machines have changed the things forever? You no more need to jot down the employees’ arrival and exit on papers, right? Same is the case when you make use of employee performance trackers and tools. All these will reduce the demanding time of recruiters and HR on routine works and give them enough time for other creative works. As such, these tools increase the overall performance of a company.

    These are only just a few examples of how digital transformation and IT are helping recruiters manage their works and be more productive than before. If properly used, they not only will aid the recruiters but will also help the candidates.

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