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7 Things To Say At Work

Posted on April 2nd, 2021

7 Things To Say At Work

Engagement and happiness at the office are vital for good morale, strong motivation levels and high productivity. Businesses can place policies to encourage this, but on any given day, an employee’s interaction and behavior with their coworkers can be enormously important in establishing a positive work atmosphere.

In a hectic work schedule, forgetting a modest piece of praise or encouragement is common but will affect.

Speak the below seven words often and also when needed so that your work ambience is not affected.

  1. Good Job:
  2. Though great managers are very well conscious of the significance of on-the-spot admiration, peer-to-peer admiration can at times be thin. Recognize the accomplishments of your coworkers and be ready to pat on the back wherever and whenever needed.

  3. Thank You:
  4. Continually recognize when somebody has gone out of their way to help you out. Maybe they worked that extra mile to meet a skin-tight deadline or swiftly found some vital info for you. It is easy to forget these small appreciation words especially when you are busy. However, not an issue but make it a point to at least return with a thank you when you remember this.

  5. Could You Help Me?
  6. Often people are scared to ask for help, but there is no need. The majority of people feel asking for help as a signal of incompetence or laziness. But this is not so. Not asking for help when needed can only lead to unwanted stress, poor results and uncontrollable workload. If you require the support or advice of your colleague or your manager ask for it. After all, seeking help when in need is the only way out for successful teamwork.

  7. That Was Me:
  8. To err is human and to forgive is divine, remember this adage, you will come out of the fear of admitting mistakes. As humans, we all make mistakes to err isn’t a mistake but not accepting it is a mistake. If you have the guts to accept your mistakes, you are giving yourself the chance to rectify them.

  9. Can I Help You?
  10. Of course, your first emphasis will be to do your own work and carry on your own business. Said this, you should not move away when helping others is concerned. Whenever needed, ask your colleagues and boss if you can help them. Saying so will speed up the work and also carry your image as a team player.

  11. I Don’t Understand:
  12. The biggest mistake one can make in life is not admitting that (s)he doesn’t know something. If you don’t know something or haven’t understood something say it. No person on earth knows everything and understands everything so, come out of the fear that saying I don’t know is a mistake. Unless you say that you know a thing or don’t know a thing the other person is left in doubt forever. More than this, good communication will not happen unless you are fully aware of a certain thing.

  13. I’m Sorry:
  14. At some point in time, we all come across this situation-where have to extend apologies and if you also come across it, don’t feel hesitated to say this. Accept if you have made a mistake and at the same time focus on how you can prevent it in the future.

Keep these golden words in mind and say them when needed.

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