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10 Signs You Will Receive Job Offer

Posted on April 24th, 2024

signs you will receive job offer

Have you ever left an interview venue feeling uncertain about how it went? Did you experience that intense anticipation about how the interviewer perceived you during the final round? If so, you're not alone. Many job seekers go through this uncertainty, and it's a common experience for everyone.

But fret not, as there are subtle signs and signals from the employer that can reassure you about your candidacy. By noticing these indicators, you can gain a clearer understanding of the hiring manager's perspective and find some peace of mind.

Here are some cues, including signs you will receive a job offer, that typically confirm your potential job offer, saving you from anxiously awaiting a call or constantly checking your emails. The next time you find yourself unsure after an interview, pay attention to these signs and signals from your prospective employer.

These are 10 signs you will receive a job offer from an employer after an interview:

1. A Spontaneous Meeting Of Present Employees Or An Office Tour:

Hiring managers are busy and so are the employees and expecting them to waste time on you on the 1st day of your last round of interview is in itself a sign that you cracked the nut. These acts of meeting employees and a tour around the office indicates that the company will soon bring you on their floor.

2. Using The Word 'You' While Discussing Daily Duties & Job Responsibilities:

This is a clear indicator that they have already started imagining you for the role! The other good signal along these same lines is that they will use ‘’you will’’ rather than using “you would”. This indicates that they have shifted from ‘’probability’’ to ‘’certainty’’ in their minds.

3. Words Flow With Ease & The Interview Is Longer Than Planned:

If you feel that the discussion has shifted away from the routine opening interview questions to personal things, then you are in the box. A shift from expected interview questions to talking about constructive suggestions is the truest sign that the employer is interested in you and he/she wants you on board.

All the while, also keep tracking your time. If you and the interviewer are spending more time than usual it means they are trying to figure out more about you and make you part of the organization.

4. They Are Selling The Company To You:

If the interviewer and the employees switch to the marketing gear and now and then talk about employee care and other perks it means they are luring you and they want you for sure. This sort of action indicates that they are trying to onboard you by letting you know the associated benefits you get.

5. Querying About Other Opportunities:

The more they ask about your job status the more they are interested in you. Check for questions such as do you have any offer, are you also being interviewed elsewhere, what’s your current offer and so on. These sort of diggings confirm that the employer is trying to be the best amongst your choices. They wish to project and be the best option for you.

6. The Interviewer Asks What’s The Best Way To Reach You:

In this competitive world employers even are worried the same as you. As you don’t wish to lose a good offer they too don’t wish to lose a good candidate. Their questions such as...any alternative phone number or how soon can you join and things such as these clearly say that they don’t want to lose you for an unexpected loss of contact.

7. Trying To Negotiate Buyback:

How soon can you join, what’s your present company’s notice period, are you serving your notice period and all such things simply say that your future office is ready for you.

8. Best Indicators Lie In The Body Language:

It is easier to mask our thoughts or words but it is difficult to mask our body language. A relaxed posture, warm handshakes, genuine smiles, cracking jokes and more than all an attentiveness indicates you are literally onboard. Through these body signs, they are trying to make you feel comfortable and give you an assurance that you need not go for any other interviews.

9. Your Follow-Up Email:

If a follow-up email has something more than routine lines then you are in the job. The follow-up email will clearly ask you for documents and also pinpoint on any detail that may delay the onboard process. However, don’t take the delayed time as a negative sign. If an employer has jotted some reason it should be genuine.

10. They Contact Your References:

If in case, they aren’t satisfied with your performance they won’t ask for references. In case they ask such details it means they have gone to the second phase of the hiring process which is the background verification. As a matter of caution, intimate the persons in your reference list so that you don’t miss out the opportunity for the mere reason that your references are busy or have missed out replying to your future employer.

So, did your interview go swimmingly? Keep your eyes peeled for these signs your offer might be on the way! If you still haven’t gotten a call back even with all these signs, reach out to us, we may be able to help. Submit your resume .

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