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10 Entry-level Remote Jobs Pay You High

Posted on April 24th, 2024

The job market is changing faster than ever, especially for those just starting out. Forget the stuffy office life – remote entry-level jobs are booming! Companies are waking up to the benefits of flexible work, and that means more and more opportunities to launch your career from the comfort of your own home office.

From virtual assistants to customer service representatives, data entry specialists to content creators, the array of entry-level remote jobs is diverse and promising. These roles not only provide valuable experience and skill development but also offer the flexibility and convenience that many modern workers crave.

Join us as we explore the exciting world of entry-level remote jobs, uncovering the myriad opportunities available to those embarking on their professional journey. Whether you're a recent graduate eager to gain practical experience or someone seeking a career change, there's a remote entry-level position waiting to help you launch your career on your own terms.

Here are those 10 entry-level remote jobs you can apply for.

  • Customer care advocates
  • Human resources assistants
  • Sales development representatives
  • Accounts receivable clerks
  • Email marketing associates
  • Contract tracers
  • Junior underwriters
  • Quality assurance data engineers
  • Quality assurance analysts
  • Webinar producers

1. Customer care advocates:

A customer care advocate fields customer inquiries and requests and makes sure their requirements are solved. These people escalate the needs of customers to senior management and assist them to solve issues.

As said by Salary.com, the average national pay is $36,900 for these jobs.

2. Human resources assistants:

A human resources assistant oversees various administrative functions in the HR division, including arranging appointments, organizing orientation programs for new employees and updating the company’s employment information.

As said by Indeed, the average national wage is $41,800 for these professions.

3. Sales development representatives:

A sales development agent aids a firm’s sales unit to generate and get leads by researching prospects in their business and reaching out to prospective clients.

As reported by PayScale, the average national pay is $44,600 for these positions.

4. Accounts receivable clerks:

These people are in charge of bookkeeping functions like receiving billing data, invoicing clients, maintaining accounting logs up to date, and making payments in the banks.

Indeed reported average national pay of $49,200 to these positions.

5. Email marketing associates:

An email marketing associate is in charge of an organization’s email communications to existing and potential clients. He/she builds email marketing campaigns informing clients of future products and events, manages and grows email lists, and writes newsletters.

As said by Salary.com, the average national pay is $49,600 for these jobs.

6. Contract tracers:

A contract tracer has become key in aiding the prevention of coronavirus spread. These people work with persons who have been affected with coronavirus to know the ones they have contacted. Following this, they reach out to such people and guide them to make sure no one else gets exposed.

Indeed reported average national pay of $50,100 to these posts.

7. Junior underwriters:

A junior underwriter works at financial firms and helps senior underwriters all through the loan approval procedure. These people examine customer applications, assess credit scores and solve problems all through the process.

Indeed reported average national pay of $58,400 for junior underwriters.

8. Quality assurance data engineers:

They take up the tech aspect of product development. These engineers test software products of a company and follow up products development. They also identify troubles with the product and find techniques to fix them.

PayScale reported an average national wage of $70,400 for these positions.

9. Quality assurance analysts:

A quality assurance analyst assists an organization’s IT department. Finding and fixing problems with the company’s software products is a vital function. These people audit and assess the software, examine its user experience and solve the issues with the help of the IT team.

ZipRecruiter reported an average national wage of $72,800 to these positions.

10. Webinar producers:

These people are responsible for planning digital events for companies like product launches. They carry duties like scheduling practices for the occasion, preparing speakers ahead of time and managing technology to record the presentation.

ZipRecruiter reported average national pay of $75,700 for webinar producers.

Are you now ready to launch your career from the comfort of your home? These 10 remote positions offer a great start, but if you need help finding the perfect fit, let our career experts guide you! Submit your resume now !

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